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„Be the expert.“ My personal goal is understand all processes during development and possible optimize and interconnect them better. With more than 30 years of experience in many different areas, especially in any kind of electronic component, my heart lies in the big picture of an product or a result. I know: To know it all is impossible and irrational, and rely on experts in every area is important but I try not to limit myself in gathering information of the overview, the structure, the processes necessary and the law to comply to generate a development product which starting condition will just be a lot better. And so will be the product.
Most specialist end their perspective on the final result at the corner of their expertise. And that is fully understandable, but it often creates a vacuum in the overall design or concept of a product.
A very good example is as follows: A user interface in a baking machine is not just a display, some electronics and software, it needs to be designed into the casing. While the product designer only has the perspective of haptics and product design in mind, the pcb designers will make their concept as optimal for them as possible. While adaptability with a touchscreen may be the best solution for the software designer, they do not anticipate the heat and hand glove situation of the final user.
What it needs is hand-in-hand teamwork between all groups of developers, usually a very time consuming and complex process. In a time, where product cost is more important than anything, product size optimized to the last millimeter, and time to market is the most important keyword, all focus during counseling and concept phase should be on the optimization of the starting condition.

I believe, the better the counseling or management in the starting phase, the increase of time-to-market and product quality is incredible. Starting with with a loose condition between experts usual ends in a product which comes too late, is unnecessary big or unnecessary expensive.

R. Stemmer

“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”

- Confucius

As one of my favourite citations says: I try to find the knowledge I do not know. Or the perspective the customer missed on his/her design. Analyze what gap could develop in a team where a specific expertise is missing or how to compensate the approach with a good starting condition or overall concept.
Since I’m doing this for a very long time, I love to get into the task myself, if the time is left for that. Especially the design of complex electronic circuits, e.g. mainboards and adapting operating systems to it is a favourite. Sadly time is limited and the possibilities are endless, so I go where the tasks are carrying me. And always with a smile since one thing I already know today: Tomorrow I will have gained a little bit more knowledge.

Lifetime key activities

Head of Development Schmidt+Haensch

As a head of development Mr. Stemmer has extensive knowledge in product development as well as placing products on the international market. His own goals are not only being able to lead in the process, he is eager to guide, understand and implement himself every aspect of the high accuracy measurement development process. leading the development branch of Schmidt+Haensch optoelectronic measurement devices.

Server and Security consultant

With a long history from 1998 Mr. Stemmer consults and implements server and security concepts. He is an expert for Linux/Unix Systems and he will always find a way to explain you the complex design of server on a user level while implementing the best solution for you.

Education and Companies

He is born in Gütersloh and studied Technical Informatics at the RWTH Aachen. During his lifetime owned several companies, e.g. custom electronic design, sevenbits server hosting (sevenbits), etc. During his whole lifetime he was doing specialized customer electronics and systems solution.

Embedded Systems Developer

Implementing electronic concepts, porting operating systems, creating complex pcb or program microcontrollers and cpus - that's where the base knowledge of Mr. Stemmer is.

Product Legals and Law

Through his experience in product design and putting them into the market, Mr. Stemmer has a deep overview over necessary laws and licensing on product development.

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Product Concept and Design

Electronic Schematic and Layouts

Software Development

Security Concept

Product Legals and Certification

Leading and Controlling Product Development

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Product Documentation and Marketing

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