Personal Introduction

I am both dynamic and static. Dynamic, because I want to challenge myself on every new day. I analyze the way I work in order to grow and to make sure that tomorrow I will be a little better than today. Static, because I believe that processes that have been developed over many years can depict more reality than the planned, optimized workflow that cannot be achieved. A skillful balance is required.

My goal in life is: be happy in today. Whatever work or task I choose, I put it into practice immediately. Then there is no regret, no negative thoughts, I will just keep a positive attitude. Because let’s be honest: no process goes as planned, but a solution is always better than just looking at the problem. Therefore, I give my full attention to everything I do. The goal is to implement it so perfectly and in detail, but to remain in reality. I am responsible, punctual, well organized and proactive. Professional communication and social skills in the international area are my strengths. I have also carried out training courses for personnel and strategy in this area for many years.

"Believe you can, and you are halfway there."

- Theodore Roosevelt

The quote from Theodore Roosevelt is entirely in my spirit: “Believe you can do it, and you are halfway there.” Motivation and resilience are very important, especially in difficult situations or crisis teams. Thanks to my experience and my trust in my abilities, I can also act constructively and progressively in these situations. And especially in a team, it is very important to convey this mood with a positive attitude. Because mostly you had to find out behind that, despite the situation, the glass was mostly still half full. And thanks to the constructive work most results are good very results. So you can see the opportunities instead of the obstacles.

Key activities in the past

Air France Trainer

As the only trainer of the Greater China region (China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), I have created the training materials and designed courses according to company’s targets; organized and successfully delivered training sessions with various methodologies; monitored training quality by detail observation/analyze/conclusion/calibration and collecting timely feedback from trainees and management.

Telesales Team Leader

Supported and assisted management, led team members to meet department KPI by coaching and reviewing, and rotate to lead back office service team to handle ticket issuance and reissuance, refund processes, bank payment confirmation, etc. In the meantime, handled crisis (flight irregularities, etc) according to company’s guidelines and regulations. Answered passengers' inquiries and complaints, handled and reacted promptly on social media platform (e.g. wechat, facebook etc.)

Airport customer service supervisor

Monitor check-in process, answer and handle questions from handling agent in the airport (for example, baggage oversize, paid upgrade, oversell, etc). Manage and assist ramp operation, co-operate the communication between cockpit and headquarter (Hong Kong). Crisis handling: In case of flight irregularity(i.e. flight delay or flight cancel), properly arrange the next possible flights for passengers, or provide relevant accommodation to passengers. On time prepare and finish flight documentation and related certificates, make sure the punctuality of the flights.

Key personal skills

Education and training

Graduated in 2006 from Huizhou University, majoring in Chinese literature and linguistic with great score.


  • Cantonese: native language
  • Mandarin: native language
  • English: very fluent (C1/C2)
  • German: conversation safe (B2->C1)
  • French: basic
  • Japanese: basic


  • Amadeus (mastered in all sorts of format, guided/cryptic)
  • Oscar (Air France system, guided/cryptic)
  • MS Office + multiple operating systems
  • Modern business communication (e.g. email, social media, B2B networking platforms, etc.)

Personal Strengths

  • Team management: Strong ability of organizing, coaching and leading groups and teams
  • Teamwork: Working in various types of teams (training groups, call center teams, work groups, crisis teams, etc.) with excellent communication with colleagues and/or superiors.
  • Inter-cultural skills: Experienced at working in a european dimension as well as in an international environment with focus on Europe and Asia.


  • Reading
  • Acryl Painting
  • Swimming
  • Baking
  • etc.